Future Bright

by M/S Hornblower

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released November 8, 2013



all rights reserved


M/S Hornblower Turku, Finland

Is it Hawkwind? Is it Circle? Is it Neu!? No, it is MS Hornblower, the psychedelic spaceship from Nebula Aboensis, a hybrid spaceworthy vessel composed of rock and light metals, powered by an acid driven KR-4UT motor.
Its ragtag crew consists of the ship's surgeon Dr. Sputnik, the weapons officer Wolfgang Tannhäuser, the ship's engineer Jetro Karnival and the supercomputer R2-V2.
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Track Name: Mercenary of the Void
I'm only loyal to myself
and to whoever can pay my price.
The only life I've ever known,
I claim what I can as my own.

Slipstreaming, lasers beaming,
I'm pushing my ship to its limits.
All around me exploding
enemies testify my skills.

When the time comes to lay down arms,
to watch the enemy as he runs.
Comes a certain satisfaction:
I'm alive after the action.

Engine screaming, wings gleaming,
I'm pushing my ship to its limits.
Hundreds have fallen, still
countless before me remain.

Mercenary of the Void - Leads a violent life
Mercenary of the Void - Filled with war and strife
Mercenary of the Void - There is no fight too cruel
Mercenary of the Void - He would not pull it through

If I ever grow too old
to fly into the battle bold,
I'll set the course into a star
which I know will never be too far.

Hull creaking, air leaking,
I'm pushing myself to my limits.
No rest for the weary,
no rainbow, no pot of gold.

Mercenary of the Void - Leads a violent life
Mercenary of the Void - Filled with war and strife
Mercenary of the Void - There was no fight too cruel
Mercenary of the Void - He could not pull it through
Track Name: Desert Planet
We see them every day,
shadows in the corner of our eyes.
they give us hope, some say,
visitors from the land of fey.

A mirage haunts us again,
an apparition of scarlet.
No one can ease our pain,
we're stranded on a desert planet.

Cloudless night, wondrous sight, stars so bright,
the shining pearls of the sky.
Scalding sun, scorching hours, nowhere to run from
the flaming torch in the sky.

Week after week we travel.
Our supplies run low with our spirit.
Nothing to eat but gravel,
as red ghosts haunt us every minute.

Finally their nature becomes clear.
They're cosmic vultures vile and foul.
They feed on our growing fear,
finally, on our bodies and souls.
Track Name: Children of the Sun
Sky's the roof of the world we live in.
You spend your lives under lesser roofs.
It stunts the growth of your spirit self.

You can't find us in the gloom of temples,
for the Sun resides not in shades, instead
the outside world is our chosen realm.

Hear our song, we're the Children of the Sun.
We raise our voice to the fiery sphere above.
Challenge us and we'll endure, arising from the
ashes as the Phoenix on our wings again.

Come with us, we will share our blessing
so you too may tread the path of light,
shed your burdens and accept life.

Open your mind and hear the wisdom
of forests, mountains and all which is
embedded in the silence deep.
Track Name: Future Bright
Who knows what the future holds?
Do you wanna achieve nirvana?
No more wars only open doors.
Live and let live, it's a virtue to give.
Melt the nukes, it's what everyone seeks.
Cure the disease, welcome the fresh breeze.
Will it be true, or am I just a fool?
Explore your mind, it's for you to decide!

I know what the future holds.
Peace on earth, warm fire in the hearth
of the souls of men in the mind's den
where the ego resides along with pride
that we need to repel. Oh do rebel against
the grey machine. Polish its glean,
remove its dirt, watch its rebirth,
make it shine. Ride the silver machine!

You too know what the future holds:
a place for all, no one needs to crawl
before a master. You can make it faster
if you have resolve, the will to evolve
to a higher level. Renounce the devil
which is the Man. I know you can,
so start today and choose a way.
Have the courage to be yourself!