from by M/S Hornblower



I'm the harbinger of New Age begun after the exodus.
The prophet of Sagittarius, the merciless bane of tyrants.
The tyrants built a huge ship to roam the space, to roam the myths.
They left us slaves on this world, barren and empty of all.

Still the shipyard stands tall, the last symbol of oppression.
Millions of slaves worked to death on the spire of doom.
In streams the blood ran down its sides, the Rivers of Blood.
The foot of the spire turned red, the Crimson Fields.


On the great day we were gathered to watch the tyrants leave.
An endless stream climbed the ramp of the Ziggurat.
Without a word the ship rose in a deafening rumble.
Enslaved so long we didn't know what to do with our freedom.


Our day will come now when we're free to decide our own fate.
Only Ziggurat stands reminding us of the days of the tyrants.
Brick by brick and stone by stone we are tearing it down.
No matter how long it takes, it is going to fall.



from Constellations, released January 14, 2016



all rights reserved


M/S Hornblower Turku, Finland

Is it Hawkwind? Is it Circle? Is it Neu!? No, it is MS Hornblower, the psychedelic spaceship from Nebula Aboensis, a hybrid spaceworthy vessel composed of rock and light metals, powered by an acid driven KR-4UT motor.
Its ragtag crew consists of the ship's surgeon Dr. Sputnik, the weapons officer Wolfgang Tannhäuser, the ship's engineer Jetro Karnival and the supercomputer R2-V2.
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